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[Used] "RACHEL ROY" bicolor design hoodie

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A sporty hoodie with eye-catching bicolor. The trend-like short length is characteristic, and the voluminous sleeves are also attractive points that create femininity. You can enjoy wearing it in a variety of ways, such as pairing it with low-rise bottoms or layering it with a dress.

・Thick fabric
・No transparency
・No pockets
・No lining
・One-of-a-kind product (will not be restocked)

Wearing model height: 160cm

57% cotton
43% polyester

Multi / Mulch

Notation: M
Total length: approx. 49cm
Bust: approx. 48cm
Shoulder width: approx. 50cm
Sleeve length: approx. 54cm
Armholes: approx. . Please note that there may be some errors.


Our store deals in one-of-a-kind used and vintage items. . The condition of the product is evaluated on our own 5-point scale, but there are individual differences in judgment.