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[Used]”OLD COACH” leather shoulder bag

  • ¥22,550
Tax included.
Leather bag "OLD COACH" made in the 80's and 90's of the world-famous New York leather brand "COACH". The nice point is that you can put a lot of luggage in it because it has a smooth leather texture and plenty of gussets. The unified black design with an elegant atmosphere can also be used as a tightening role for coordination.

・With inner pocket
・One-of-a-kind product (no restocking)

Wearing model height: 160cm



Length: about 30cm
Width: about 21cm
Depth: about 12cm
Shoulder length
Longest: about 73cm
Shortest: about 61cm

*All measurements are actual measurements when laid flat. Please note that there may be some errors.


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