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[migration] Nylon docking pleated dress

  • ¥7,700
  • ¥15,400
Tax included.

A playful dress with a glossy shirt docked in a cable knit. The length of both sleeves is different, and the skirt part has a deformed silhouette that is asymmetrical. Tighten the waist with a drawcord for a feminine look. ◎ You can use it by itself, but you can also enjoy wearing it with pants for a completely different look.

*All measurements are actual measurements when laid flat. Please note that there may be some errors.

Bed limited edition brand produced by bed.
We offer a lineup of items that go well with second-hand clothes and are useful in a variety of styles at an affordable price. We will also propose seasonal coordination combined with our old clothes. This brand is sold exclusively at bed stores and online shops.