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[migration] Eco leather half pants

  • ¥12,100
Tax included.
Leather pants that are very comfortable to wear. The waist is elastic so you can wear it comfortably. The hem part is wide, so you can expect a beautiful leg effect. We also recommend coordinating with long boots and socks for a playful look.

・With pocket
・No elasticity
・New product

Model height: 158cm

[migration]bed produced by
bed Limited edition brand. We offer a lineup of items that go well with second-hand clothing and are convenient for a variety of styles at an affordable price. We will also propose seasonal coordination combined with our old clothes. This brand is sold exclusively at bed stores and online shops.



Notation: None
Total length: Approx. 48cm
Waist : Approx. 34cm
Hips: Approx. 44cm
Thigh Width: Approx. 27cm
Rise: Approx. 34cm
Bottom Width: Approx. Please note that there may be some errors.